Ready to Eat

In the last few years, the food market has been experiencing an increasing demand for Ready To Eat food, especially focusing on healthy food and clean label. HPP technology is the answer to this trend. RTE food treated with HPP keeps taste, colour and nutritional properties as the homemade meals.


Thanks to its inherent properties, HPP enables both a significant increase in the quality of existing RTE meals and the development of innovative RTE food; it also allows for a greater geographical distribution. As the product is not heated, taste and appearance remain as good as the freshly one, protecting all vitamins, antioxidants and bioactive components. 



In the last two decades HPP has become the leading treatment to satisfy the growing customer demand for safe, high quality, minimally processed and additive-free products. 

Eliminating the chemical preservatives, HPP meets the increasing consumer request for clean label products and contributes to reducing food waste. 




      More HPP Applications

      Advantages of high pressure processing


      Sensorial, nutritional and functional properties of food are preserved during up to 3 months in refrigerated conditions (0 – 6 °C).


      HPP ensures food safety through the complete reduction of pathogenic microorganisms and bacteria, accomplishing the strictest regulations in the world.


      Thanks to shelf life extension, HPP  allows the positioning of innovative products in new markets, facilitating geographic growth and improving production schedules.